Waiting For Our Promises – By MaryGrace

In Sihanoukville we are sitting on and pressing into so many promises. Some for our personal lives, and many for Iris Cambodia.

Our Dream Centre is almost so close I can touch it. We already know some of these boys and we are already seeing changes in them through this season of building relationships and laying foundations. We are still seeing fruit as we prepare for what has been promised to us. Many other dreams lie ahead – ministries, churches, outreaches and businesses. This season has been both comfortable at times, and excruciating at times.

As I have been sitting in this season of foundations, both personally and organizationally, a very familiar and loving voice comes to me often. Though God is speaking consistently and growing me in this time, the voice He speaks through is sometimes that of my earthly father, my Daddy.

When I was in elementary school my father, who was the president of a children’s home, had run out of room. He had no room to grow. He had promises, he had vision and he had the cimage (1) (640x480)all he had said yes to, but in the physical he was out of space. I remember driving with him, looking out the window and asking him what he would do if he had land like that or buildings like that. He would share with me his dreams and promises. I saw and felt the ache in his heart for more, to fulfill his call and to see his promises come to reality.

Almost 20 years later, I can relate. Just like my Daddy there is a great need, a great promise and a “yes” in my heart to everything God wants to do. My Daddy always encouraged me to “pay my dues,” not to rush to the top, but to spend the time to learn from the bottom up. I believe that years down the road I will look back to this season of “waiting” and see the incredible fruit that was birthed from it. I am learning, we are learning, and God is creating a foundation that can withstand the huge dreams He has for this country and more importantly His Kingdom.

So I guess you should know that my Daddy’s promises came, and they came like a flood. Through faith, love and prayer, his territory was expanded with four more locations, numerous buildings, programs and government favor. I watched as his dreams and promises became reality and with an incredible foundation are able stand.

My prayer for Sihanoukville is that we will be faithful to every promise we carry for this place. That this season of “waiting” will be that of incredible growth, maturity, dreaming and laying a foundation of love that can not be shaken. We have a God who does not know how to wast anything. Thank you for joining us in this season and for contenting for these promises.  It is a truly significant time and we have no option but to be unshakable.

Love Looks Like Something – By Cat

The more I think about my life in Cambodia the more thankful I am. I feel so privileged to serve and love the beautiful people of Cambodia. I recently returned to Cambodia after spending time with my family in the States, and even though it was great being there I am happy to be home. I have had so much fun reconnecting with my kids (I have about 13 neighbor kids that I’ve claimed as my own). We have done lots of coloring, nail painting, hugging, and playing zombie. It doesn’t matter who is the zombie, but they think it’s hilarious when I tickle them and tell them they taste “ching-ang” (delicious.)

I had an especially sweet moment with one of my boys the other night. This boy has struggled with acting out in the past, but this particular night he came, sat on my lap and wanted to play zombie. As I tickled him he threw his head back and laughed hysterically. It was such a precious moment and a beautiful reward for the time spent redirecting his behavior, loving him no matter what, and IMG_4761speaking life over him. Moments like that remind me of why I moved to Cambodia. I came to see lives restored and to see people walk in all that God has for them. We are commissioned to bind up the broken hearted and set the captives free. That sweet moment with my boy was a physical manifestation of what God has been doing in his heart and mind during the 11 months I’ve lived here. The love of God really does transform people. His love brings hope where hopelessness and despair run rampant. I get the incredible privilege of being the hands and feet of Jesus, and I get to release His hope and His love to everyone around me.

Love looks like something and I love finding out what it looks like for each kid. When I was home people would ask me if its hard living here, and some days it really is, but other days I just sit back and marvel at what God has done. He brought me from the other side of the world to love these kids who need someone to care and be invested in their lives. I get to be the one to help them understand how much God loves them. Even though things are more comfortable in America I would not and could not be satisfied. This is what I’m called to do. I have the best job in the world.