Great is His Faithfulness – By Liz

‘For great is your love, higher than the heavens; your faithfulness reaches to the skies’. (Psalm 108 verse 4)

I have really been struck recently by God’s faithfulness. When I look at my short time here in Phnom Penh (I only arrived in April) I can totally see the faithfulness of God. I see His hand in the timing of my arrival, His provision of finances and friends and His care of me in so many different ways.

I love how God is interested even in the little things. Like, I really like swimming, and so prayed that I would live close enough to a pool to be able to get regular exercise. And the language school where I am studying Khmer is a short walk to a nice pool and not far from my home. And if I time it right then I can use the pool when hardly anybody else is swimming…bliss! And its also opposite a supermarket that sells some of my favourite chocolate…another blessing. 🙂

I also love having a rooftop to be able to go up to worship and pray, and declare that the pagoda that is close to our house will one day declare the praises of Jesus! Standing on the rooftop also helps remind me of life’s bigger picture and gives me just a very small glimpse at how great and big our Father God really is and yet He cares so intimately for us. Great is His faithfulness!

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