Lets do something today that will impact the generations of tomorrow

Dear Friends,

We want to take the time to share with you some recent developments. We have been asked to help with rescuing babies from birth. In the last quarter of 2018 we had 9 referrals from NGO’s, Chiefs and Parents about babies that could not be kept for what ever reason and were on the verge of being sold. Or we have found them being sold from the hospital at birth.


Good news!

We  are opening our first ever Baby After Care Facility.


Let me take a moment to share with you Samuels Story.

Samuel enjoying life before his heart surgery

One of our NGO partners asked us if we could help with this special case where a new born premature baby was at risk of being sold. The parents already had a large family and lived in extreme poverty. They felt they had no other option but to sell their son. Our social workers were able to intervene and now he’s placed in our care. Little Samuel David meaning God hears beloved. He is a little fighter. We were able to aid his family helped to transition them back home with food and supplies. This story shows the tragedy of poverty and had we not been able to act Samuel would’ve been trafficked at just a few days old. Praise God for his goodness and his love for all children all over the world. Children truly are a gift to this world and we will do whatever we can to protect them.

Now Samuel is in the process of adoption and has been placed in a forever home. His testimony will grow with him and will impact many children’s lives in Cambodia. We are so thankful for our relationship with the Government here who want to see these children safe and loved.

Because of Samuel’s story touching the lives of people all over the world it has opened this door for us to step in a be the change we want to see.  This After Care Facility  will be to house the most vulnerable of children that are facing being trafficked. We have had so many cases in 2018 of unborn babies being pre-sold to traffickers.

Now, these babies could be being sold to an illegal adoption ring. Great, these parents think they can find a forever home for their baby.

They could be being sold to organ traffickers who are killing children in Vietnam for the illegal harvesting of internal organs.

They could end up anywhere in Asia, sold to the highest bidder for what? We dare not think of these things!

Heres where we come in!


We will provide a home with beautiful Khmer and foreign care givers for rescued babies from birth to 1 years old.

The Vision:

To prevent the sale of infants and to see babies safe from trafficking. To stand in the gap before a purchase happens. To have a safe place to encounter love and give them the best start in life.

The Mission:

Providing a home that will cater for multiple infants at any given time. Providing aid, 24hour care and safety. Working with the Government to provide foster families for each child, to see them thrive and flourish upon leaving our rescue facility.

What is it going to take?

This is based on an initial start up of catering up to 8 babies.

  • Our needs to date are:
  • Equipment  (cribs, bottles, blankets, toys etc)
  • Strollers and carriers ( x3 each)
  • Clothing
  • Formula Milk
  • 3 Foreign Nannies/Missionaries (x2 dayshift x1 night shift)
  • 4 Khmer Nannies (x2 dayshift x2 night shift)
  • Housing facility x1

How can you help?

Many of you will be asking how can I help? Here are some practical things you can give to helping us to create a beautiful life giving after care facility. 

We have a small start up budget already donated of $12,000 to rent a home. We are beginning the search this month for the perfect home for these little ones to spend their first few months of life with us.


Estimated start up cost


Start up Cost

Equipment (cribs, bottles, blankets, toys etc) including Strollers and carriers x3 each




Formula Milk


4 Khmer Nannies x2 dayshift x2 night shift


Security Guard


House x1 Inc utilities: Electricity, water and internet.


House equipment (beds for Nannies, seating, kitchen equipment etc)




We are looking for people who are passionate fundraisers, nannies and people who just adore babies and have a heart for freedom to capture the vision and partner with us.  If you are interested please contact director@iriscambodia.org.

Lets do something today that will impact the generations of tomorrow.

Thank you,



Iris Cambodia

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  1. Jenne Boado
    Jenne Boado says:

    Are you looking for adoptive homes for these babies? We are an adoptive family with a home study. We would be interested in more information, please.

  2. Kate Vergara
    Kate Vergara says:

    I would really like to donate to this cause, how or where can I submit my donation please let me know how can I help for this cause.


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