Emergency Crisis Home

A core value of Iris Cambodia is the desire to see children safely brought up within families. High levels of poverty, problems with addiction and lack of support can lead to children being trafficked in order to provide for the rest of the family. In response to this problem we have an emergency crisis home which facilitates infants from new-born up until one year old. We work closely with other organisations and the government to identify and rescue children who are going to be trafficked or who have already been trafficked. Our home provides them with a safe place where they receive love, medical attention and all their nutritional needs are met. We also value how much interaction and stimulation is crucial for a child’s development and growth. Our home is not an institution but rather a safe place for children to live whilst we work with our partner organisations who specialise in placing children in suitable foster families. It is our privilege to welcome these children and speak life and truth over them.

An exciting development with this ministry has been our partnership with Iris Global’s Milk Program. Through this program you can sponsor a baby to receive much needed milk supplies. Children in our emergency crisis home, as well as babies born to mothers we work with as part of our children’s ministry, feature within this program. Please click the donate button below to sponsor milk for one of these precious babies.