Prevention Outreach

Iris Cambodia has a two part response to the heart cry of Cambodia. One, they desperately need Jesus. Two, they need to see their people set free, educated and empowered against trafficking. We are driven by love to reach the lost and we recognize the huge call to see His justice reach an entire Nation. For us, it is both and more! Seeing families educated and being impacted by the person of Jesus is such a huge joy for us.

As with all Iris base’s, missions is our joy. The simple, logical outcome of knowing Jesus. We started our outreaches in 2017 and its has been beautiful to watch what Jesus does among the people as He miraculously heals, delivers and sets people free.

We simply respond to every invite and opportunity to share our Prevention Education Programs and the Gospel.  We travel to many provinces to encourage local pastors and find out what their needs are, and assist the churches to provide for the needs of the people in these communities.  We have had the opportunity to take the bible to many different provinces throughout Cambodia by giving out solar bibles and SD cards. We try to meet the community’s immediate needs of food and general health care, treating scabies and providing basic wound care. We believe He can, and will, make a way for us to see and entire nation saved and freed from trafficking and sexual abuse.

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