High Security Rescue and Restoration Homes

What happens to children who have been sexually abused?

These homes will take in and care for Khmer children who have been victims of human trafficking or part of a witness protection case. We will provide a home for them and take them through a rehabilitation program, which will include medical care, trauma assessment and subsequent counseling, and therapies.  We will also offer them basic levels of education.

We plan to have the initial intake in late 2018. Initially, we will be able to take in a total of 6-8 children, split between 3 – 4 homes. With further financial support we plan to build more homes on our site, in order to see 12-16 children cared for by 2019.

Due to the vulnerability of the rescued children we would like to purchase land and build a number of homes in community. Whilst their safety & restoration are paramount, we aim to build an environment that is homely, inviting, secure, peaceful and fun.

We currently estimate that this will cost $330,000 USD (£220,000) to purchase 4 hectares of land and build to completion. We invite you to invest in their lives financially or even apply to give your time with your experience, trade or use of influence.

Throughout 2018 we dare to dream, that with your support we can begin to receive those innocent children into our homes.